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Jennifer McLogan

“Building a Better Envelope"
The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers
March 2020


Jennifer McLogan

“Nassau County Moves Full Speed Ahead With Restoration of 300-Year-Old Roslyn Grist Mill"
January 2020


Yeong-Ung Yang

“Roslyn Grist Mill Lifted 4 feet to build new foundation"
January 2020


Carol Motsinger

“Union Terminal:  Building a Brand New Relic”
Cincinnati Enquirer
April 2017


Gordon Bock

“John G. Waite Associates Restores Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda”
Traditional Building Magazine
October 2017


Jennifer Richinelli

“Roundtable:  Architects reflect on natural stone"
Stone World Magazine
July 2017


Irwin Rapoport

“National Historic Landmark Undergoes $212M Restoration”
Construction Equipment Guide
February 2017


Kristi Barlette

“10 Locals who have achieved self-made success”
Times Union
March 2016


“Boston Preservation Alliance honors The Parish of All Saints, Ashmont”
Metrowest Daily News
November 2015


Brakkton Booker

“Historic Chemistry Lab With Links to Thomas Jefferson Discovered Behind Wall"”


October 2015

Susan Svrluga

“Workers find historic remnants of U-VA. Rotunda as they restore Jeffersonian icon”

The Washington Post

July 2014

Kenneth C. Crowe II
“Architect's greatest work is at his religious home”
Times Union
November 2011

Nancy Berry
“National Treasure”
Traditional Building Magazine
December 2011

“Hamilton Grange, Harlem, New York:  Alexander Hamilton's Home”
September 2011

Gordon Bock
“Preservation Perfectionists”
Traditional Building Magazine
June 2011

Michael DeMasi
“10 Minutes With...Jack Waite”
The Business Review
July 24, 2009

Alan G. Brake
“Jefferson in the Round”
The Architects Newspaper
May 20, 2009

Aleksandr Bierig
“2009 AIA Honor Award”
Architectural Record
May 2009

Mairi Beautyman
“2009 AIA Institute Honor Award Winners Announced”
Interior Design Magazine
January 13, 2009


Jennifer Adams
“Historic Landmark Received Well Deserved Attention”
Stone World
April 2007

Bradford McKee
“America’s First Cathedral”
Architect Magazine
February 2007

Eve M. Kahn
“Baltimore Basilica Reborn”
Jan/Feb 2007

Liz F. Kay
"A spiritual home, reborn"
Baltimore Sun
November 5, 2006

Philip Kennicott
"Bringing the Basilica´s Origins to Light"
Washington Post
November 5, 2006

"John G. Waite"
Baltimore Sun
November 5, 2006

David W. Dunlap
"Handle History With Care: Hamilton’s Home Is Moving"
New York Times
July 12, 2006

Nancy J.D. Hazelton
"Yin Yu Tang"
March-April 2006

"Renovation and Restoration: New York Courthouse restoration draws high praise."
Stone World
February 2006

Doug Stewart
"Salem Sets Sail"
Smithsonian Magazine
June 2004

Marieke Cassia
"Recent Project Restoration-Crossing Continents, Cultures and Centuries"
Period Homes Magazine
Winter 2003

Kathleen Randall
"Perfecting the Practice of Preservation"
Traditional Building Magazine
November/December 2002

Sara Moss
"Faith Restored"
August 2002

“The New Tweed Courthouse”
New York Times
February 28, 2002

Tracie Tozhon
“Moving House, With 2,000 Chinese Parts”
New York Times
February 22, 2001

John G. Waite Associates, Architects
“Liberty Memorial Report”
Kansas City Star
August 20, 2000

John Russell
“75 Crates Could Not Confine An Architect’s Imagination”
New York Times
March 12, 1998