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Lincoln Memorial
Washington, D.C.
Client: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service

Project Type: Conservation assessment of the marble and bronze ceiling of the statuary chamber

Working in conjunction with Hartman-Cox Architects of Washington, DC, JGWA served as technical restoration consultant to the National Park Service, performing a conservation assessment of the Lincoln Memorial’s marble and bronze ceiling. The ceiling was visually surveyed from below with the use of a telescoping lift to bring the architects within two feet of the ceiling surface. All conditions observed during this survey were recorded on specially-developed forms. JGWA conducted a visual survey of conditions above the ceiling from the skylight room overhead, and recorded information on complementary survey forms.

The Lincoln Memorial (1913-1922), designed by Henry Bacon, is located at the western end of the National Mall in Washington, DC. JGWA completed a condition assessment of the marble and bronze ceiling of the statuary chamber.

The team took small marble samples from unobtrusive locations and subjected the samples to destructive and nondestructive testing and analysis to determine composition, similarity of origin, and levels of pollution deterioration. Investigative probes were made from above to expose portions of the structural steel and bronze castings, supporting the translucent marble ceiling panels.  Destructive and nondestructive testing was used to evaluate protective coatings, metallurgical composition, and levels of corrosion of the metals.